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Eurovac II – Dual Venturi “Pneumatic” Portable

Part # POR-PN2-00000255

EII Pneumatic (2 Venturi) 55 Gallon Collection Housekeeping Portable (1 – 2″ Housekeeping User System) Additional Equipment Specs:

Canister: 55 Gallon

Dimensions: 24″W x 32″D x 51″H


Qty 1 – 2″ Anti-static Shop Cleaning Package


Class I: Gas & Vapour Environments

Class II: Dust Environments

Suitable For:

Class I, Group D: Propane

Class II, Group E: Atmospheres containing metal dust, including magnesium, aluminum, and their commercial alloys

Class II, Group F: Atmospheres containing carbon black, coal or coke dust

Class II, Group G: Atmospheres containing flour, starch or grain dusts

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