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Enclosureless Dust Collectors – Manual Shaker Collectors

Eurovac MASC manual shaker dust collector offers the same high efficiency multi pocket filter envelope (95% at 5 microns and more) as the motorized version but built into an open type cabinet. Designed for interior installation, the greatest advantage is not requiring highly expensive spark detection and extinguishing device, no explosion vent and no blowback damper. Those NFPA safety devices alone can make any dust collector three times the price of the unit. Furthermore, the collector does not require return air ductwork since the filter allows redistribution of clean air through the four open sides!
The usual fan is a quiet direct drive 1750 RPM AMCA type B spark proof impeller and is installed next to the collector. The industrial grade powder coat painted steel frame comes with a hopper to help the dusts trickle down into the bin and a deflector located at the inlet ensures the larger chips are pushed into the bin thus helping the filter to catch only the finer particles. The filter is sateen finish interior to minimize ‘’caking’’ on filter surface. The quick release lock latch on bin lid ensures there is no dust or air leakage since no flexible hose is used for connection between the hopper and the lid.
Maintenance is limited to rocking the broom handle type handle back and forth for a few minutes at the end of each shift. The unit is usually shipped fully assembled so minimal installation time which means more savings to the customer. The collector has a compact foot print with floor plates to anchor into the concrete floor.
NOTE: unit cannot be used to collect or filter reactive dusts such as aluminum or
magnesium or processes which create sparks such as welding or grinding of metals.

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