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Eurovac II – 2.5HP (1 Man Detail Vacuum System)

Eurovac II – 2.5HP (1 Man Detail Vacuum Systems)

2.5HP Part #: SYS-050-106BS00


  • Powerful 2.5HP Pump produces, 115” of water column and 125” of free flow CFM.
  •  Superior filtration; cyclonic filtration removes 99% of dust before the secondary bag filters. This results in the unit operating much more efficiently than units which do not have cyclonic filtration.  The remaining 1% of dust is removed by a secondary cartridge filter which cleaned by compressed air pulse jet cleaning action.
  • Quiet Operation: Muffler and insulated motor housing reduce noise level below 65 dBA’s
  • The system is provided with an inlet already pre-mounted onto the unit. Alternatively the system can have piping and multiple drops located throughout a detail shop.
  • On/Off feature; Micro switches turns system on and off with a toggle switch next to the inlet.
  • Easy to Install; All systems complete installation instruction included.

Optional Features:

Brushless motor.

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