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Eurovac III – 10HP to 100HP Central High Vacuum Wet Collector (Multi-Stage Pump)


Contaminated air is drawn into the unit through a tapered scrubber and forced down through a venturi, deep into the water, where the air is released. The water acts as a separator, and many of the dust particles fall to the bottom of the unit immediately.
Those particles that manage to escape this first stage of cleansing, are forced through thick curtains of water, and are deflected by a series or baffles into the water turbulence, separating the remaining dust from the air. The airflow creates a circulation in the
water that simultaneously removes dust particles from the water and prevents stagnation of the water. The moist clean air is drawn through the unit by an internally fitted fan, passes through the mist eliminators, where the moisture is removed from
the clean air. The clean air can be returned to the workplace. The dust which has settled to the bottom of the unit will be removed through the sludge drain valves, rake out, hopper or drag bar conveyor. Standard units are available in capacities ranging from
150 to 1,500 C.F.M.

Multi-Stage Pump Description

The Eurovac III system utilizes centrifugal multi-stage pumps which are available from 10 HP to 100 HP, and are capable of producing from 300 CFM to more than 5000 CFM at vacuum levels of 5” to 12” of Hg.  All Eurovac units are of an outboard design, with impellers mounted on a separate shaft supported by two flange mount bearings, and connected to a standard shaft motor via a flexible coupling. This arrangement makes servicing much easier than with overhung models where the impellers are mounted directly on the motor shaft. Also, our 4-bearing outboard design will last far longer than 2-bearing overhung designs.
All Eurovac multi-stage pumps come with automatic lubricators to reduce maintenance.  The Eurovac III is designed to handle tough industrial jobs and will run problem-free all day, every day — with very little maintenance required.

Optional Features:

Sound attenuation cabinet, special coatings, stainless steel construction, special discharge options, etc. Custom system arrangements available upon request.

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