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Fume Extraction Pivoting Boom Extensions

Eurovac swinging extension booms are designed to enlarge the area of reach of Eurovac products such as the Eurovac self supporting fume arms and vehicle exhaust equipment such as hose reels and hoses. The extension booms aid in reaching points which are distant from a wall or other mounting areas. Extension booms can also be used to support items such as feeders or to undersling hoses or cables in conjunction with there primary function. The swivel section of the extension boom is made of rolled steel pipe which is capped on the bottom. The top of the pipe is adapted to accept a fan or flanged duct connection. The extension beams are manufactured of heavy guage square steel tubing with a bearing swivel. The spiral ducting mounted along the beam has a diameter of 4”, 6” or 8”. Standard units are supplied with brackets for mounting fume arms.

Double pivot type extension booms are divided by a center bearing hinge which allows the user to reach back under the extension boom.

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