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Shaker Type Dust Collectors

Eurovac’s line of motorized or manually activated shaker cleaning dust collectors have been proven highly efficient on large dusts
and chips as well as on very fine particles.   The modular concept design allows for single or multiple filter vessels and requires a limited footprint for interior or exterior installation.

Product Description:
All material processing or transformation such as wood products, plastics, alloys or even powder handling/batching will create harmful airborne dusts which may get into the workers breathing zone. At Eurovac, our engineering team looks at different solutions which will help in greatly reducing contaminants coming from the activities listed above. The shaker type unit is only one of the extended family of dust collectors available. The filter envelope captures 95% to 99% of particles in sizes ranging from 5 to 10 microns allowing clean air to be
recycled back in to the plant. The results are low operating management costs since a makeup air unit (MAU) may not be required. The motorized or manually operated shaker dislodges the dusts trapped on the filter surface which decanter into the dust bin.  Usually, the exhaust fan and optional silencer are set on top of the unit (for motorized version) allowing even more space saving features. The manual shaker type comes with a self cleaning AMCA type B radial blade fan which operates on positive pressure into the filter bag. Filter bag will help in reducing noise level and a fan outlet silencer is also available for this type of system.

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