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Eurovac I 5HP, 10HP & 15HP – 24″FS2 Combo Unit

5HP (230/460/575v) Part #: EIC-P05-24232003

10HP (230/460v) Part #: SYS-030-316C0000

10HP (575v) Part #: EIC-P10-24235003

15HP (230/460/575v) Part #: EIC-P15-24232003

Performance (Operating)

5HP – 140 CFM @ 60″ WG

10HP – 275 CFM @ 60″ WG

15HP – 350 CFM @ 60″ WG


● Design: Stand mount system which comes pre-wired from panel to pump and to the pulse jet cleaning.

● Blower: 20,000+ hrs of continuous use

● Filtration: Cyclonic filter separator, 2 after polyester cartridge filter (100 sq. ft. filter media) (99.93% efficient at 3 microns or larger) and final automatic pulse jet cleaning

● Canister: 20 Gallon

● Controls: On/Off, Overload Protection, Run Light, Hour Meter, 24v Step Down Transformer (ie: Control of remote switches), Automatic Filter Cleaning

● Electrical: 208-240, 460 and 575 volts. 3 phase, 60 hertz.

● Includes: Silencer & cover for motor

● Includes: Magnahelic gauge (Indicates when pressure differential is too high and filters need replacement)

● Note: Unit is skid mounted for easy transportation


Industrial, Body Shop, Woodworking, Aerospace, Detail, Pharmaceutical, Boatbuilding, Transit, Military.

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