Eurovac Products

Wet Mix Dust Collectors

Dust laden air is drawn into the unit through an internally fitted fan. Upon entering the separator a venturi which forces the air and dust deep into the water. Most of the dust particles fall to the bottom of the unit immediately. Those particles that manage to escape this first stage of cleansing, are forced through thick curtains of water, and are deflected by a series of baffles into the water turbulence, separating
the remaining dust from the air. The airflow creates a circulation in the water that simultaneously removes dust particles from the water and prevents stagnation
of the water. The moist clean air passes through the mist eliminators, where the moisture is removed. The clean air can be returned to the workplace. The dust
which has settled to the bottom of the unit can be raked out or drained out through a valve. Standard units are available in capacities ranging from
400 to 50,000 C.F.M.