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EV Central Vacuum System (Cast Iron Blower)


The Eurovac cast iron blowers are a highly efficient pump designed for applications with high pressure requirements of up to 15 inches of mercury.  The Eurovac line of cast iron pumps ranges from 15HP to 150HP.


  • Applying optimizing design to the impeller and the blower casings to minimize the flow loss.
  • Applying Optimization Method of Meridional Channel and Blade in 3 D Impeller to get the high aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Applying sealing diversion technology to the inlet of the impeller to improve the inlet flow ability.
  • Applying aerofoil type reflux blade technology to reduce the energy loss.
  • Applying flow analysis technique to optimize the blower performance and improve the stage efficiency to above 78%.
  • Applying 3D Flow Impellers to some models of C blowers.
  • Applying strict dynamic balance to get low vibration, low noise, and high reliability.
  • Applying advanced blower structure design to make an easy installation, operation and maintenance.



Pressure Rise:19.6~98kPa


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