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2″ Galvanized Drops

2” Galvanized Vacuum Drops come with Single or Double Inlets and can be piped down a wall or hung with static conductive flex hose in between bays.  The tubing is graduated from 2” at the end of the runs to 3” for EI & EII Systems and as large as 8” for EIII Systems.  As the tubing gets closer to the system, larger diameter tubing is required to accommodate the CFM from the “feeder” branches.

Part Number:

  • WKG-200-SH15NS00 :  2” Single Hanging Drop – 1.5” Inlet
  • WKG-218-SW15NS00:  2” Single Wall Mount Drop – 1.5” Inlet
  • WKG-200-DH15NS00:  2” Double Hanging Drop – Two 1.5” Inlets
  • WKG-218-DW15NS00:  2” Double Wall Mount Drop – Two 1.5” Inlets
  • WKG-200-SH20NS00 :  2” Single Hanging Drop – 2” Inlet
  • WKG-218-SW20NS00:  2” Single Wall Mount Drop – 2” Inlet
  • WKG-200-DH20NS00:  2” Double Hanging Drop – Two 2” Inlets
  • WKG-218-DW20NS00:  2” Double Wall Mount Drop – Two 2” Inlets


  • Galvanized Tube, Bends and Fittings along with all necessary installation mounting hardware.  The fittings have expanded ends that fit over the end of the tube and are held in place by heated shrink tape.
  • Wall Mount Drops:  2” Galvanized Tubing (from beams to working height)
  • Hanging Drops:  2” Static Conductive Flexible Hose (from beams to working height)

Optional Additions:

  • Upgrade from shrink tape to 3 Bolt Compression Couplings for securing the fittings and tubing together.  Compression couplings provide easy access to the tubing system and allow you to easily re-route tubing if needed at a later date.
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