Eurovac Products

Industrial - Drops, Pipe & Fittings

Eurovac systems are designed for convenient use with vacuum drops hanging (2” vacuum hose attached to pipe overhead) or wall/pillar mounted (2” pipe running down the wall) close to the operators work station. If a technician is working with pneumatic tools, the vacuum drops typically get run in conjunction with the compressed air so the air and vacuum are working together. Systems will be designed with 2” tubing at the drops and graduating up to 8” (depending on system size) back at the central equipment which delivers a typical air speed of 4,500 feet per minute. Galvanized steel tube, bends and fittings are used to ensure system is grounded thus avoiding static electricity build up and potential shocks. As well, galvanized bends and fittings come standard with long radius sweeps which ensure your system is operating at its peak vacuum level.