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Detail Dispensing Brackets

Detail Brackets bring the same detailing convenience as pendant drops with properly mixed chemicals ready to use at conveniently placed locations but with a tighter footprint.  These brackets are typically wall mounted and are often used within smaller work areas such as ones with dividing walls separating each bay.

Part Numbers:

  • BKT-S1C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  1 Chemical
  • BKT-S2C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  2 Chemicals
  • BKT-S3C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  3 Chemicals
  • BKT-S4C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  4 Chemicals
  • BKT-S5C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  5 Chemicals
  • BKT-S6C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  6 Chemicals
  • BKT-S7C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  7 Chemicals
  • BKT-S8C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  8 Chemicals
  • BKT-D1C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  1 Chemical (each side)
  • BKT-D2C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  2 Chemicals (each side)
  • BKT-D3C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  3 Chemicals (each side)
  • BKT-D4C-PC000000 (Powder Coat Finish):  4 Chemicals (each side)


  • 25’ Coiled Lines & Chemical Dispensing Guns
  • Flexible Tubing & Fittings for interconnection from Central Chemical Dispensing System and Detail Brackets.  Tubing is run through a PVC Chaser up at beam level.
  • Unistrut for spanning from beam to beam to ensure the drop is rigidly mounted from above

Optional Additions:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 25’ Coiled Line & Air Blow Gun for blowing out particulate from hard to reach areas inside a car.  Eurovac supplies a 15’ airline for running from the pendant drop up to the beams.  Typically customer connects from this 15’ airline to the central air hard piping which is connected to a centrally located compressor system.
  • 40’ Coiled Chemical Lines & 25’ Vacuum Hoses
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Additional Resources

  • Central Chemical Dispensing Brochure