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9′ Curved Arch w/ Cross Support

9’ Curved Arches provide a uniform appearance as you look down the row of vacuum stalls.  Arches come standard with a stainless steel interceptor that will separate the majority of material right after the arch.  This helps reduce the risk of clogs within the central piping system.


  • Suited for canopies

Part Number: 

  • CAR-POS-I09AS003 (Powder Coat Finish):  Single Inlet
  • CAR-POS-I09AD003 (Powder Coat Finish):  Double Inlet
  • CAR-POS-I09AS003 (Stainless Steel):  Single Inlet
  • CAR-POS-I09AD003 (Stainless Steel):  Double Inlet


  • Post & 9’ Curved Arch
  • Interceptor (Separates particulate after the arch and prior to the main tubing run)
  • 17’ Hose, Shut Off Holster & Cleaning Claw/Crevice Tool (x2 for Double Inlets)

Not Included:   

  • Post Base Plate Anchors (ie: Wedge or J Anchors)

Optional Additions:

  • See Canopies for available options
  • See Arch Accessories for available options
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