Eurovac Products

2″ Galvanized Body Shop Drops

2” Galvanized Vacuum Drops come with Single or Double Inlets and can be piped down a wall or hung with static conductive flex hose in between bays.  Wall drops are typically run in conjunction with compressed air where as Eurovac supplies flexible airlines for hanging drops to ensure the air and vacuum are right beside each other for convenient use with pneumatic tools.

Part Number:

  • WKG-200-SH15NS00 :  2” Single Hanging Drop – 1.5” Inlet
  • WKG-218-SW15NS00:  2” Single Wall Mount Drop – 1.5” Inlet
  • WKG-200-DH15NS00:  2” Double Hanging Drop – Two 1.5” Inlets
  • WKG-218-DW15NS00:  2” Double Wall Mount Drop – Two 1.5” Inlets


  • Galvanized Tube, Bends and Fittings along with all necessary installation mounting hardware
  • Wall Mount Drops:  2” Galvanized Tubing (from beams to working height)
  • Hanging Drops:  2” Static Conductive Flexible Hose (from beams to working height)
  • Hose Hanger(s)

Not Included:

  • Vacuum Hoses w/ Air
  • 15’ to 50’ Flexible Airlines w/ Disconnects (recommended for hanging drops)
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