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Boom Arms w/Pendant Drop

Boom Arms have two pivot points which provides easy maneuverability for a technician to place the Vacuum Pendant Drop in convenient working locations.  Vacuum Pendant Drops come with Two Inlets, Two Air Connections and a 110V Electrical Plug for operation of both pneumatic and electric tools.  Pendant Drops provide a very clean modern look with all vacuum, air and electrical lines running inside a 5” chaser hose up to the boom arm.

Part Numbers:

  • HVB-DPP-0604DAN0:  10’ Boom w/ Pendant Drop
  • HVB-DPP-1005DAN0:  15’ Boom w/ Pendant Drop
  • HVB-DPP-1307DAN0:  20’ Boom w/ Pendant Drop


  • 5” x 10’ Black Chaser Hose
  • 2 – 1.5” Vacuum Inlets
  • 2 – Compressed Air Quick Disconnects with 3/8” x 15’ Flexible Line
  • 110v Electrical Outlet with 15′ of Electrical Cable
  • 2” Static Conductive Flexible Hose (from boom arm to working height)
  • 2 – Hose Hangers

Not Included:

  • Galvanized Tube, Bends and Fittings along with all necessary installation mounting hardware
  • Vacuum Hoses w/ Air
  • Mounting material for securing to wall
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