Eurovac Products

Boom Arms

Vacuum Boom Arms pivot with the technician as he moves around the car during the detail process.  Wall Mount Booms get the technicians hose closer to the car.  Overhead Booms rotate around the car and are ideal for bays with dividing walls as the cleaning tool will rest easily on its vacuum holster when not in use.

Part Numbers: 

  • SYS-030-6002050W:  2” x 5’ Wall Mount 180 Degree Boom Arm
  • SYS-030-6002050C:  2” x 5’ Overhead 360 Degree Boom Arm

Not Included:

  • Hose, Cleaning Tool and Shut Off Holster

Optional Additions:

  • PVC, Galvanized or Stainless Tube, Bends & Fittings for connection from Central Vacuum System and Boom Arm
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