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Central Chemical Dispensing System


The Eurovac Central Chemical Dispensing System automatically mixescleaning chemicals – including rug shampoo, which is heated up to 130 degrees F, and pumped to hanging workstations.  Hanging workstations are strategically located between each detail bay, positioned conveniently close to the car door. The installation of a Eurovac Dispensing System ensures that all cleaning chemicals are properly mixed, correctly identified, and readily available to the cleaning technician.  Chemicals are applied with dispensing guns attached to 25–50 ft. color-coded coiled hoses. The system also features an air gun and compressed air line to blow out debris and dust in cracks and hard to reach areas.
The system is installed in conjunction with a Eurovac I, Eurovac II or Eurovac III industrial-grade turbine pump and induction motor, designed for continuous use (rated for 20,000 hours).  The vacuum system includes a separate dry filtration unit and a wet separator for rug shampoo.

Typical cleaning chemicals used in the system include:
• Rubber and plastic all-purpose
• Engine cleaner
• Stain remover
• Smudge and paint remover
• Tire dressing
• Glass cleaner
• Wheel rim cleaner


Increased Productivity and Lower Labor Costs

Properly mixed and properly identified cleaning chemicals are at your technicians’ fingertips.

Lower Training Costs

Well-marked, organized chemicals, combined with system ease-of-use means that there is less chance for operator error.

Reduced Waste and Theft

Chemicals are always mixed correctly, and inventory can be stored in a secure location.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Industrial-grade Eurovac central turbine pumps and induction motors need little or no maintenance.

Improved Safety

Electrical cords and hoses do not clutter the work area. (In a wet work environment electrical cords are hazardous.)

Professional Image

An attractive Eurovac Chemical Dispensing System enhances the look of your operation.
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