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Eurovac’s central heated chemical dispensing system was developed so that technicians can dispense heated chemicals through a dispensing/vacuum tool and then immediately vacuum the chemical and dirt away for a thorough clean.

The system consists of a central concentrate mixer, heater, pump and closed loop PVC hose. Cleaning fluid is fed to the drops, and unused chemical is continually returned to be re-heated. (The central hot rug dispensing system requires the installation of an inline wet separator to remove the liquid ahead of the bag filter separator.)

The system saves considerable time in the preparation of the chemical and putting a portable dispensing and vacuum unit in place. And since the Eurovac system is extremely easy to use, little time is needed to train employees or to monitor their production.

System Benefits

• Increase productivity and efficiency: Place detail drops exactly where you need them and eliminate the use of portables..which can often hinder production
• Eliminate breakdowns: High efficiency industrial grade motors and superior filtration systems keep your Eurovac equipment up and running, and always ready for use
• Eliminate unsafe cords on the floor of your work areas: With a Eurovac system installed in your shop, there are no cords to trip on, or to create potentially dangerous situations

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