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Detail Dispensing Reels

Detail Dispensing Reels keep the bay area clean as the bank of reels are situated up in the beams with the chemical lines/dispensing guns hanging down at reaching height for a technician.  Reels have a 50’ hose capacity which allows for good detail bay coverage.  When a technician is done with a certain chemical, they give a tug on the hose to activate the spring return action which winds the chemical line back up onto the reel.

Part Number: 

  • HOS-VAS-CHR38050


  • Reel w/ 3/8″ x 50′ Chemical Line & Hose Stop
  • Plastic Dispensing Gun
  • Flexible Tubing & Fittings for interconnection from Central Chemical Dispensing System and Detail Dispensing Reels.  Tubing is run through a PVC Chaser up at beam level.

Optional Additions:

  • Metal Cabinet for housing a Detail Dispensing Reel.  For multi chemical applications, reels/cabinets will be banked together along with two end plates
  • Unistrut for spanning from beam to beam to ensure the drop is rigidly mounted from above
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Additional Resources

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