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2″ PVC Detail Drops

2” PVC Vacuum Detail Drops will be placed at each car door for maximum detailing efficiency.  Single drops are typically provided for the end bays and double drops in between bays, which ensures a technician is not waiting for someone else to complete their vacuuming process before they begin.


Part Number:

  • SYS-050-20600210:  2” Single Hanging Drop
  • SYS-050-20600215:  2” Single Wall Mount Drop
  • SYS-050-22600240:  2” Double Hanging Drop
  • SYS-050-22600000:  2” Double Wall Mount Drop


  • PVC Pipe, Bends and Fittings along with all necessary installation mounting hardware
  • Wall Mount Drops:  2” PVC Piping (from beams to working height)
  • Hanging Drops:  2” Flexible Hose (from beams to working height)
  • Hose Hanger(s)

Not Included:

  • Vacuum Hoses, Cleaning Tools & Shut Off Holsters
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