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Eurovac II – 5HP Central High Vacuum Wet Collector


Equipment Specs:

● Blowers: QTY 2 – 2.5HP Brush Motors (4000 Hrs Intermitent Duty) – 1300 watt motosr (120CFM / 115″ Water Column Each)

110 CFM at 60″ WG

136 CFM at 50″ WG

160 CFM at 40″ WG

● Separator: 12 gauge steel which is epoxy powder coat painted and treated with zinc oxide and rust inhibitor

● Filtration: Initial venturi entry (for deep penetration of dust into the water), secondary baffles (to help knock water/dust back down) and final mesh mist eliminator filter (99% efficient to 5 microns)

● Water Level Indicator: Automatic level control via an ultra sonic probe situated in a reservoir of “quiet” water

● Relief Valve: Valve automatically opens when system is shut off to exhaust hydrogen gas build-up in an aluminum application

● Manual Drain Valve: Ball valve for removing the sludge.

● Controls: Magnetic Starter with overload protection and step down to low voltage (24v) wiring for automatic on/off switches when the inlet is opened

● Voltage: 1 Phase 60 Hertz 220/120 (4 wire: 2 Hot, 1 Neutral& 1 Ground). Nema #L1420P plug provided.

● System Mounting: Unit on legs is our standard. Wall mount available upon request at no additional charge

Includes:  Throttling Valve, Vacuum Relief Valve, PVC Silencer & Strainer Ass’y (materials shipped loose for install at inlet of system)

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