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Eurovac II – 2.5HP “Compact” Housekeeping Portable

Part #: SYS-050-178


The Eurovac II 2.5HP “Compact”  portable offers the following features:

  • Powerful 2.5HP, 1400 watt pump has sufficient suction for 2 technicians to sanding or 1 technician to vacuuming at the same time. Produces 117” of water column; 113 free flow CFM.
  • Eurovac utilizes a “By Pass” motor that does not allow dust to pass through the motor and ensures a long lasting pump with little to no maintenance.
  • Quiet operation…motor is turned on and off automatically by air switches when tools are activated. This increases the life of the motor and reduces energy costs of running the motor.
  • Includes HEPA filtration which removes the remaining 99.97% of sanding dust to a minimum of .3 micron particle.
  • Heavy duty construction of 14 gauge steel with a tough powder coat finish.
  • Disposable paper bag filter secured inside steel drum for convenient collection and disposal of particulate.
  • Compact design and collapsible handle allows for easy transportation
  • Includes: 1.5″ Anti-Static Shop Cleaning Package & Blue Hose Hanger


Industrial, Body Shop, Woodworking, Aerospace, Detail, Pharmaceutical, Boatbuilding, Transit, Military.


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