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Eurovac II – 2.5HP “Compact” Sanding Portable

Part #: POR-025-B01PB6BF


The Eurovac II 2.5HP “Compact”  portable offers the following features:

• Powerful 2.5HP motor capable of handling two technicians sanding at the same time or one technician housekeeping.

• Five vacuum speed dial with LED indicator to ensure you get just the proper amount of airflow and suction.

• Quiet operation: motor housing is insulated and baffled for sound.

• On/Off feature: motor is turned on and off automatically by air or electric switches when tools are activated. This increases the life of the motor and reduces energy costs of running the motor.

• Includes HEPA filtration which removes the remaining 99.97% of dust/debris to a minimum of .3 micron particle.

• Disposable paper bag filter secured inside the plastic drum for convenient collection and disposal of particulate.

• Compact design allows for easy transportation.

• Includes either one work hose or a shop cleaning package.


Industrial, Body Shop, Woodworking, Aerospace, Detail, Pharmaceutical, Boatbuilding, Transit, Military.


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