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Orbital Sanders

Most popular North American 5″, 6″, and 8″ DA’s and fileboards are available with the “vacuum-assist” or vacuum-ready feature built-in.The sanding pads have holes in them through which sanding dust is extracted. The major sandpaper companies all supply pre-punched sandpaper in all popular grits and sizes, for all popular tools.Conversion kits are available for most popular sanders, including Hutchins, National Detroit, Chicago Pneumatic, Dynabrade, ARO, Ingersoll Rand and Viking. Prices range from US$50 to US$100 each. Most Body Shops find that the conversion kits work as well as new vacuum-assist tools, because in most cases the conversion kits use the same parts as those used in new tools.


Most North American manufacturers market vacuum-assist Fileboards that operate on the same principal as Orbital Sanders (holes in the pad and pre-punched sandpaper). Retrofit conversion kits are available for most Fileboards.Eurovac will be happy to quote you pricing and availability on converting your tools. Simply Fax your requirements to us at 905-738-4603 and include the brand name (e.g. National Detroit, DAQ, etc.), and the type of tool (e.g. 6″ or 8″ orbital sander, straightline fileboard etc.).Eurovac can drop-ship conversion kits directly to your location, and your technicians will be able to install the kits quickly and easily … usually in a matter of minutes.

Vacuum-Assist Hand Sanders

Available in a variety of sizes, we recommend use with a 3/4″x8′ ultra-light vacuum hose – rather than the standard 1-1/4″ hose. That gives the Hand Sander a much better “feel”. The ultra-light hose is plugged into the standard 1-1/4″ vacuum hose.Available Models:

1400D 2-3/4″x15-3/4″ Hand Sander
1411D 2-3/4″x9-1/2″ Hand Sander
1405D 2-3/4″x6-3/4″ Hand Sander
1013 3/4″x8′ Ultra-Light Hose

Rotary Sanders (Grinders)

North American tool companies have recently started to make grinders with dust extraction take-offs. Sioux Tools and Dynabrade each have a line of such tools.




Grinder Shrouds

We have a full range of retrofit shrouds, available for 3″, 5″ and 7″ discs and grinding stones. We have found that grinder shrouds on the market have two major drawbacks: sometimes the shroud blocks the view of the disc, particularly when using the edge of the disc; and the shrouds are not totally effective in picking up sanding dust being “hurled” off a disc rotating at 2,000 to 12,000 RPM.Eurovac has developed a proprietorysystem that’s extremely effective at picking up grinding dust. We have developed vacuum grinders with holes in the pad and discs. A Velcro system holds the disc firmly in place, but allows for easy removal. Cloth- and fiber-backed discs are available in most aluminum oxide and silica carbide grits. We can supply you with new tools, or we’ll convert your existing tools to the Eurovac system. Conversion of existing tools costs US$195 per tool.

Diamond-Tipped Cutting Tools

We can provide 3″, 4″ and 5″ diamond-tipped cutting tools with shrouds, or retrofit shrouds for your existing tools.



We can provide shrouds for hand-held and stationary routers. Dust extraction attachments are also available for miter saws, planers, and stationary and bench grinders.



Welding Attachment (Model 30-580)

The Eurovac Welding Attachment is extremely effective at removing welding fumes. The flexible metal “goose neck” attached to the scoop allows for placement of the unit very close to the welding job. The base incorporates a powerful magnet for attaching the unit to a metal surface. The welding attachment is plugged into the vacuum system through a Eurovac utility hose.
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