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Fume Extraction Arm – Bench Mount (Stainless Steel)

Eurovacself-locking arms provide the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. Contaminants are removed at their source. The use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses and smooth bore tubing allow for easy placement of the arm’s hood near the source of a problem.


Fume arm tubes are fabricated of stainless steel with cast aluminum joints which include friction discs and are fully adjustable to the workers desired tension. The arms include a handle which completely encircles the hood in order to facilitate easy repositioning from all sides. Hood diameters vary from 6″ on the 3″ arms, to 14″ on the 8″ arms. Please see chart below. All joints include a 300 degree F hose which is gear clamped to the tube. All hoods are equipped for installation of an optional light kit.

Eurovac self-supporting arms can be combined with several accessories to provide the best solution for a particular problem:

– swinging extension booms to increase reaches,
– arms with a standing bench mountable flange,
– fans or filtering system.

– all welding processes,
– grinding dusts and most air borne dusts,
– polishing, painting, printing,
– soldering fumes (for ESD-Safe models please contact),
– chemical applications such as laboratories (stainless models),
– food and pharmaceutical (stainless models).

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