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Heated Extractor Drops

Heated Extractor Drops are tied to a Central Heated Extractor System and a Central Detail Vacuum System which ensures consistently hot properly mixed chemical dispensing and vacuum performance.  Drops are typically secured to a wall or floor mounted post.

Part Numbers:

  • SYS-SUB-EXSINGLE:  1 Extractor Hose/Tool
  • SYS-SUB-EXDOUBLE:  2 Extractor Hose/Tool


  • 1-1/2” x 17’ Extractor Vacuum Hose, S.S. Extractor Cleaning Claw & Shut Off Holster
  • PVC Pipe, Bends & Fittings for interconnection from Central Vacuum System and Heated Extractor Drop
  • Flexible Tubing & Fittings for interconnection from Central Chemical Dispensing System and Heated Extractor Drop.  Tubing is run through a PVC Chaser up at beam level.
  • Unistrut for spanning from beam to beam to ensure the drop is rigidly mounted from above

Optional Additions:

  • Drop Support Post
  • Interceptor or Mobile Wet Pick Up for separating the majority of vacuumed particulate prior to entering the piping system up above which helps reduce the risk of clogs
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