Eurovac Products

High Vacuum Spark Arrestors

High Vacuum Spark Arrestors are a safety device installed in the tubing system in front of the system separator to greatly reduce the risk of a fire from sparks, spatter or a cigarette butt.

Part Number:

  • SYS-WEL-SPA03000:  3” Spark Arrestor
  • SYS-WEL-SPA04000:  4” Spark Arrestor
  • SYS-WEL-SPA05000:  5” Spark Arrestor
  • SYS-WEL-SPA06000:  6” Spark Arrestor
  • SYS-WEL-SPA08000:  8” Spark Arrestor
  • SYS-WEL-SPA10000:  10” Spark Arrestor
  • SYS-WEL-SPA12000:  12” Spark Arrestor
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