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Carwash Pay Stations – Central & Stand Alone Vacuums

Product Description:

Eurovac offers a wide variety of payment options to fit your customers needs and vacuum preferences.  Payment options include coin, token, bill, credit card, tap technology and bar code activation.  All payment options can be linked to both stand alone or central vacuum systems.  Simply select the options that suit you best and let Eurovac do the rest to set you up with a vacuum that is ready to pay for use.

Pay Station Options:

  • Coin
  • Token
  • Bill
  • Credit Card
  • Tap Technology
  • Bar Code Activation

Note: Electric required to be brought to all pay terminal locations whether it is stand alone or a central unit.  For central systems air is require to all pay terminal locations.

(Consult with a sales representative for additional electric and air specifics.)

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