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1HP “Rollout” Portable Fume Extractor

Part #: SYS-070-45106100


  • Designed to capture, filter and exhaust air impurities created during welding, metal processing or workshop activities.
  • Three stage filtration system: aluminum mesh pre-filter which protects the cartridge filter from sparks and prefilters
    the air, followed by a spun bond polyester cartridge filter, and a final carbon after filter.
  • Manual compressed air pulse jet cleaning.
  • Powder coated steel body and has four heavy duty casters to help position the unit in the workspace.


  • 700 CFM @ Hood
  • Pulse Cleaning System
  • Large Cartridge Filter
  • Carbon After Filter
  • Large Wheels
  • Arm Diameter: 6”
  • Arm Length: 10′
  • Optional Hepa Filter

Key Benefits

  • Meets OSHA air quality standards
  • Avoid health and safety hazards that cause respiratory ailments
  • Reduce make-up air requirements by cleaning and re-circulating the air
  • Cut maintenance costs by eliminating smoke and dust before particles can settle on equipment and work surfaces
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