Eurovac Products

Sliding Hose Balancer Drops

Part Number: 

  • SYS-VEH-T4HD2500:  4” x 25’ 350 Deg F Sliding Hose Balancer Drops
  • SYS-VEH-T6HD2500:  6” x 25’ 700 Deg F Sliding Hose Balancer Drops

Equipment Specs:   

  • Construction:  Fully welded steel construction
  • Finished:  Texture Blue powder coated painted finish
  • Balancer: Trolley mounted bracket for Curved Hose Saddle and Torque Reel with 15’ of travel length
  • Wheels: Top rail mounted wheels allow for easy travel up and down the rail system with under guiding wheels for added stability


  • Pull Cable with grab handle to help guide the sliding reel up and down the rail line

Optional Additions:

  • Hoses with temperature ratings up to 2000 Deg F depending on the exhaust requirements of the vehicle in use
  • Automatic Open/Close Trolley Mounted Damper
  • Tail Pipe Adaptors
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