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Telescoping Fume Extraction Arms – Wall Mount

Part Number: 

  • SYS-WEL-TH030046:  6” x 3’ to 4.58’ Telescoping Fume Arm
  • SYS-WEL-TH036052:  6” x 3.6’ to 5.25’ Telescoping Fume Arm

Equipment Specs:   

  • Hoods:  12” Hood
  • Handles:  Hood mounted “grab” handles
  • Diverter: Air diverter in hood to increase capture velocity
  • Swivel Base: Heavy duty 360 degree swivel base with safety stop
  • Joints:  Internal joint with hose cover
  • Damper:  Built-in shut off damper in every arm


  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Duct Collar:  For connection of central tube, bends and fittings

Optional Additions:

  • Ceiling Mount Bracket
  • Screen For Fume Hoods
  • Hood Size Upgrade:  14” Hood increases to 20” Hood
  • Fan Mount:  1HP Fan will mount onto top side of 6” Wall Bracket
  • Fan On/Off Kit:  Hood mounted Fan On/Off Switch and 7 meters of low voltage wire
  • LED Light Kit:  Hood mounted LED Light (12V 35 Watt) with On/Off Switch and 7 meters of low voltage wire


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