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Transit Sewage Vacuum Systems


Imagine a system that can operate with only a single source of energy, where air provides movement rather than wasting valuable water resources and the time to clean transit vehicles is greatly reducted. A system that can link a central command center or mobile operations network to a wealth of important information to ensure complete safety and better energy use.

An operator can remotely know the following important information and react quickly.

  • Amount of flow entering the system
  • Infiltration occurring and where
  • Line breaks or blockages within the system and location
  • Energy use
  • Air to liquid ratio
  • Mechanical or electrical problems at the vacuum pump station

You can understand why operators prefer Eurovac systems as they discover all of the operational benefits, as well as the obvious benefits to the environment from no overflows or deep trenching disturbing the water table. Vacuum systems are widely accepted in over 40 countries, weigh up what is important to you and it will become obvious why Eurovac is receiving such wide acceptance.


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