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EII – 2.5HP Cyclonic Housekeeping Portable

Part #: SYS-050-18000200


The Eurovac II cyclonic portable offers the following features:

  • Powerful 2.5HP, 1440 watt pump produces 117” of water column; 113 free flow CFM.
  • Quiet operation particularly for fine dust… motor housing is insulated and baffled for sound.  On/off feature…motor is turned on and off automatically by air switches when pneumatic tools are activated. This increases the life of the motor and reduces energy costs of running the motor.  Alternatively a togggle switch can be used for simple housekeeping.
  • Superior filtration … combination true cyclonic filtration plus secondary cartridge filter, a standpipe surrounding the cartridge filter does not allow the particulate air entering the inlets to go directly to the cartridge filter. The standpipe forces the air to move down the canister to the cyclone where 85% of the particulate is removed before the secondary cartridge filter (see diagram below). This results in the unit operating much more efficiently than units which do not have true cyclonic filtration.
  • HEPA filtration is available by adding a chamber between the pump and regular filters. The HEPA filter removes the remaining 99.97% of sanding dust to a minimum of .3 micron particle.
  • Eurovac offers a full range of vacuum ready tools, antistatic conductive vacuum hoses, wands and cleaning tools.


Industrial, Body Shop, Woodworking, Aerospace, Detail, Pharmaceutical, Boatbuilding, Transit, Military.


1. Motor: 1440 Watts, 120V, 117″ Water Column, 113 CFM

2. Cartridge Filter

3. Cyclone

4. Waste Pail

5. Frame

6. Vacuum Stations (2)

7. Hose Hanger

8. Storage Tray

9. Switch: Complete with Overload Protection

10. Hepa Filtration: Optional

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