Eurovac Products

EIII – 10HP to 150HP Detail Vacuum Systems (4 to 30+ Users)


Ideal for production shops with 4 to 40 technicians vacuuming at the same time. The 10 to 150 HP centrifugal multi-stage pump can be set at various vacuum levels from 5” HG (68” water column) for relatively short pipe runs to 10” HG (135” water column) to offset friction losses on relatively long pipe runs.  Large aluminum impellers and fabricated housings result in a vacuum pump that is far more efficient than competitive products – which usually have smaller (steel) impellers and sections held together with tie-rods.  The standard Eurovac system is supplied with bag filters, built-in cyclonic pre-separation and a 30- or 55-gallon collection canister.  Eurovac’s industrial grade induction motors have a 20,000 hour rating.

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