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RCC Cartridge Dust Collectors (Rectangular)


The Eurovac High Volume dust collection system is an industrial grade system with a backward incline fan designed to run all day every day with little or no maintenance.  The final cartridge filtration removes 99.93% at 3 microns or larger and the automatic compressed air pulse jet cleaning ensures very little maintenance.

The standard SCC unit will be complete with:

  • Cartridge filters, front access doors, venturi assisted reverse automatic pulse cleaning system, adjustable control board for RP in a NEMA 12 enclosure, quick cam cartridge clamping system, hopper, inlet target plate, magnehelic gauge, stand, drum kit, and surge air tank.
  • Integrated top mounted blower for desired CFM required.
  • Control panel for the motor and the automatic pulse jet cleaning.  Includes magnetic starter, overload protection with panel mounted stop/start and remote stop/start capabilities.


CNC welding, fume extraction, composite dust collection, wood working, robotic weld cells, pharmaceutical and more.

Optional Features:

Sound attenuation cabinet, explosion relief venting, special coatings, stainless steel construction, special discharge options, magnehelic differential pressure gauge, bag equalization, photohelic gauge, etc. Custom system arrangements available upon request.

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