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Telescoping Drops

Telescoping drop systems have three different size hoses, all inter-connected to work as one. The smaller hoses are pushed up inside the larger hose and held in place by a manual support bracket when the exhaust system is not in use. When the telescoping drop is needed, simply release the bracket and the hose easily slides out and is ready for use.

Part Number: 

  • SYS-VEH-543T0006

Equipment Specs:   

  • Drop:  5” x 4” x 3” Telescoping Drop is 7’ in the stored position.  5” x 6’ Hose acts as a storage housing for the 4” x 6’ and 3” x 5’ working hoses.  The 3” hose is crushproof as it is the hose used from the floor level to the cars exhaust.


  • Hinged air flow shut off lid
  • Tail Pipe Adaptor with 4-1/2” x 6-1/4” opening
  • Duct Saddle:  For connection to central piping system and for securing telescoping drop.  Duct Saddle size must be specified to suit central piping
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