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EIV – Positive Displacement (PD) Central Vacuum Systems

The Eurovac IV system utilizes positive displacement pumps which are available from 3 HP to 200 HP, and are capable of producing from 100 CFM to more than 3500 CFM at vacuum levels of 15” of Hg.

• Blower system design provides vacuum conveying functions for dry bulk material handling operations requiring optimal balance of blower power and energy efficiency.

• Fully assembled system built on mild steel skid with complete side protection frame; primed and painted.

• Roots positive displacement blower; sized and specified to application-specific requirements.

• High-efficiency, TEFC motor.

• Adjustable motor base; accommodates multiple motor types, simplifies standards compliance

• V-belt drive simplifies maintenance, runs quietly; drive guard protects personnel.

• Vacuum relief valve maintains tight seal till tank pressure reaches relief setting.

• Vacuum breaker valve

• Vacuum switch

• Inlet filter protects system from introduction of damaging, harmful contaminants.

• Inlet & outlet discharge silencers

• Back check valve enables proper flow and pressure.

• Vacuum gauge provides accurate monitoring and measure; aids in system optimization and efficiency

• Discharge expansion joint enables consistent pressure levels in operations with varied temperatures.

• Customer-specific positive displacement blower brands and specifications.
• Customer-specific paint and finish coatings.
• Sound enclosure vibration pads

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