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Eurovac was established in 1986 and has steadily grown with our continued commitment to quality and doing what is right for our customers.  Eurovac began in the body shop industry by supplying portable and central vacuum systems for capturing dust at the source of hand held tools such as orbital sanders.  In the early days the company consisted of Burt Retter and Peter Fisher working together out of an 800 square foot facility. Over time Eurovac expanded our vacuum capabilities into industrial dust/fume extraction and automotive cleaning markets.

Eurovac now employees 75 to 100 people and operates out of a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.   The facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and highly skilled fabricators, painters, assemblers and shippers which ensure the highest quality standards and enable us to be a low cost producer at sensible pricing.

Eurovac is ready to assist you with your industrial dust collection or automotive cleaning needs whether it is a portable unit ready to go out of the box or a highly engineered central system.  We have a team of engineers ready to design a Eurovac system to your specific application.  Eurovac will work with you to fully understand the particulate being captured, identify any hazards and provide a filtration system solution that protects both your business and its workers from the dangers of combustible dust.

Our systems come complete with all necessary tube, bend, fitting, nuts and bolts required to get the job done.  The equipment will be accompanied with engineered drawings (CAD and/or 3D Solidworks) to help guide installers as they move along with the installation.  Installation and service is supported by a North American and worldwide installation/sales distribution network.

If you have particulate that needs capturing or vehicles that needs cleaning, please contact Eurovac today to discuss your application with a committed knowledgeable Eurovac sales representative.