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PART # POR-PN1-00000005
The Eurovac II portable is powered by compressed air being forced through a venturi to
create a powerful vacuum. Using compressed air eliminates the chance of a dust or gas
explosion as there is no sparking motor. To meet NFPA codes, the system is grounded and
the vacuum hoses and cuffs are static conductive.

  • Powerful venturi vacuum capable of handling two technicians sanding at the same time.
  • Manual flow valve on the air intake to ensure you get just the proper amount of airflow
    and suction for your

  • Quiet operation… motor housing is insulated and baffled for sound.
  • Superior filtration … true cyclonic filtration removes virtually all the dust prior to the
    secondary cartridge
    filter. This results in the unit operating much more efficiently than units which do not have
    true cyclonic

  • HEPA filtration is available by adding a chamber between the pump and regular filters. The
    HEPA filter
    removes the remaining 99.97% of sanding dust to a minimum of .3 micron particle.

  • Includes two 25’ x 1 1/4” to 1” light weight anti static vacuum hoses with ¼” air lines
    attached whereby the vacuum hoses and airlines become one unit.

EII – Wet Mix Dust Collector

PART # SYS-050-18300300

  • Wet mix dust collector, fabricated from 14 gauge stainless steel which is then thermoset powder coat painted.
  • Manual water level system whereby the customer fills the unit with more water when the water level gets to a certain level marked on the site glass.
  • Manual drain valve located at the bottom of the separator.
  • Initial stainless steel venturi entry for deep penetration into the water, secondary baffles to completely mix the dust particulate with the water whereby no after dry/hepa filter is required.
  • Site glass to visually check the water level.
  • Automatic low water shut down sensor which prevents the unit from operating if water is not set at proper levels.
  • A time delay switch is provided to prevent the start of the dust-producing process (sanding tools) until the collector is in complete operation.
  • An off delay time switch is provided which allows the system to run for a set amount of time once the sanding has stopped. This ensures all dust in the hose reaches the collector.
  • System includes (2) 25’ lightweight anti-static hose with attached airline

*Patent Pending

EI  – Central Wet Mix Dust Collector

  •  5, 10 & 20HP regenerative motors are available depending on your needs.
  • Electrical control panel , automatic water level control system and automatic hydrogen relief valve.  Includes magnetic starter, overload protection with panel mounted stop/start and remote stop/start capability.
  • Vacuum relief valve mounted between the separator & pump.
  • Wet scrubber, fabricated from 12 gauge steel which is epoxy powder coat painted and treated with zinc oxide and rust inhibitor.  (Optional upgrade to stainless steel).
  • Automatic water level control system via an ultra sonic probe situated in a reservoir of “quiet” water.
  • Manual drain valve located at the bottom of the separator.
  • Initial stainless steel venturi entry for deep penetration into the water, secondary baffles to completely mix the dust particulate with the water.  Final stainless steel mist eliminator.
  • Site glass to visually check the water level.
  • Relief valve set to automatically open when system is shut down for exhausting hydrogen gas build-up in an aluminum application.



Central Fume Extraction System


  • 1.5 HP Fan set to produce 900 CFM at 8” W.C.
  • 6” x 4m (13.12’) articulated arm (other sizes available)
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Self supporting joints and flexible hoses for easy placement with smooth bore tubing for unimpeded air movement


Portable Fume Extraction System – “Box Air”

PART # SYS-070-45006100

  • 700 CFM @ Hood
  • Spark Trap
  • Large Wheels
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Single phase operation
  • Arm Diameter: 6”
  • Arm Length: 7


Portable Fume Extraction System – “Rollout”

PART # SYS-070-45106100

  • 1 HP Fan set to produce 700 CFM at 8” W.C.
  • Three stage high end filtration; aluminum mesh pre-filter which protects the cartridge filter from sparks and prefilters the air, followed by a spun bond polyester cartridge filter, and a final carbon after filter.
  • Manual compressed air pulse jet cleaning.


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