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Pharmaceutical Cleaning & Dust Extraction

Eurovac has a full range of housekeeping and dust extraction systems to satisfy virtually every need and budget.

Vacuum Pumps

Eurovac has a full range of regenerative and centrifugal multi-stage pumps from 4.5HP to 75HP. Heavy-duty construction means that our systems operate flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with minimal or no maintenance required.

Filter Separators

Eurovac has a wide range of filter separators available in painted carbon steel or stainless steel. We can supply PTFE-coated bag filters (with manual or automatic cleaning), or a cartridge filter separator with PTFE or polyester filters – featuring a bag in/bag out removable design.All Eurovac separators are equipped with pressureequalized canisters. A hold-down bag in/bag out feature allows for safe removal of contaminated dust. Eurovac provides a full range of pre-separators and interseparators… in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.Our standard configuration captures up to 95% of dust and debris before it reaches the filter separation system.

Cleaning Tools

Eurovac offers a wide selection of 1-1/2″ and 2″ cleaning and dust extraction tools – available for both wet and dry pick-up.


We can supply a simple stop/start panel, or a state-of-the-art PCL-based control panel with a touch-screen operator interface. Optional control features include: explosion-proof NEMA 7 or NEMA 9, electronic “soft-start”, and a filter monitoring system. Eurovac control panels can be interfaced with building maintenance automation systems.


A wide range of options is available, including; pneumatic hopper, vibrator, bin level detector, heavy-duty gate valve, and explosion-relief venting (meeting NFPA requirements).Explosion-proof surge controls and stainless steel housing and final HEPA filters are optionally available.Custom hoods and vacuum arms, in painted carbon steel or stainless steel are also available.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning & Dust Extraction Products

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