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Pharmaceutical Cleaning & Dust Extraction

Eurovac has a full range of housekeeping and dust extraction systems to satisfy virtually every need and budget.

Vacuum Pumps & Dust Collector Fans

Eurovac has a full range of regenerative, centrifugal multi-stage pumps and high volume fans from 1HP to 150HP and larger. Heavy-duty construction means that our systems operate flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with minimal or no maintenance required.

Filter Separators

Eurovac has a wide range of filter separators available in painted carbon steel or stainless steel. We can supply PTFE-coated bag filters (with manual or automatic cleaning), or a cartridge filter separator with PTFE or polyester filters – featuring a bag in/bag out removable design.  All Eurovac separators are equipped with pressure equalized canisters. A hold-down bag in/bag out feature allows for safe removal of contaminated dust. Eurovac provides a full range of pre-separators and inter separators… in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.  Our standard configuration captures up to 95% of dust and debris before it reaches the filter separation system.

Cleaning Tools

Eurovac offers a wide selection of 1-1/2″ and 2″ cleaning and dust extraction tools – available for both wet and dry pick-up.


We can supply a simple stop/start panel, or a state-of-the-art PCL-based control panel with a touch-screen operator interface. Optional control features include: explosion-proof NEMA 7 or NEMA 9, electronic “soft-start”, and a filter monitoring system. Eurovac control panels can be interfaced with building maintenance automation systems.


A wide range of options is available, including; pneumatic hopper, vibrator, bin level detector, heavy-duty gate valve, and explosion-relief venting (meeting NFPA requirements).Explosion-proof surge controls and stainless steel housing and final HEPA filters are optionally available.Custom hoods and vacuum arms, in painted carbon steel or stainless steel are also available.

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    Central Vacuum Systems (Industrial)

    We're the central vacuum specialists with products for every need and budget. Superior product designed to run all day, every day with minimal maintenance requirements. Superior filtration, all Eurovac systems have built-in primary cyclonic separation located ahead of the final bag or cartridge filters. Properly engineered layouts

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    Portable Vacuum - Explosion Proof & Pneumatic

    The Eurovac Explosion Proof & Pneumatic portable vacuums safely collects explosive powders and dust.

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    Cartridge Dust Collectors

    Unlike many equipment manufacturers who are limited to only one or two types of dust collectors, Eurovac offers a wide variety of systems ranging from highly efficient vertical cartridges arrangement to integrated cyclonic separators when large amounts of dust are present in the air stream. The fully automated control panels ensure that minimal maintenance will be required. If no toxic fumes are generated in the process, it is possible to recycle clean air back in the facility. Depending on the nature of the dust or smoke, Eurovac will select certified high efficiency pleated filters or bags. The vessel robust steel construction may be equipped with NFPA safety features such as explosion vents or suppression devices. Our engineering staff will recommend energy conscious owners and plant managers the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) if not all work stations are required to operate simultaneously.

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    Downdraft Tables (Wet & Dry)

    Our line of downdraft tables offer a hands-free method of capturing and removing dangerous dust and fumes from the technician’s workspace right at the source. Ideal for applications such as: • Welding processes • Sanding and buffing • Batching • Powder and light dusts • Light smoke

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    Fume Arms & Portable Extractors

    Eurovac's self-locking arms provide the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. Contaminants are removed at their source. The use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses and smooth bore tubing allow for easy placement of the arm’s hood near the source of a problem.

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Pharmaceutical Cleaning & Dust Extraction Products

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