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Composite Dust Extraction

A Eurovac central or portable high vacuum dust extraction system, used with appropriate vacuum-assist tools, removes virtually all sanding or cutting dust and fumes right at the source – eliminating them before they get into the air that you and your staff breath.

Eurovac high vacuum systems are ideal for source capture when used with vacuum assist hand tools, such as sanders, grinders, saws and routers. With hand tools, a high vacuum system (10″ to 100″ Water Column) is necessary to offset friction losses with small diameter hoses (1″ to 2″ vacuum hoses).

Depending on the surface being sanded, and the tools being used, Eurovac systems usually test better than OSHA’s PEL of 15 Mg/m3 for nuisance dust (e.g. fiberglass dust), and frequently test better than 1 Mg/m3.

Eurovac also has a complete range of high volume dust and fume extraction systems for welding, saws, routers, grinders and planers.

• Heavy-duty welded construction throughout.
• State-of-the-art filtration featuring primary cyclonic filtration and secondary polyester cartridge filters, with automatic compressed air Pulse Jet cleaning.
• Alternate filtration systems are available for specific applications.

  • A

    Central Vacuum Systems (Industrial)

    We're the central vacuum specialists with products for every need and budget. Superior product designed to run all day, every day with minimal maintenance requirements. Superior filtration, all Eurovac systems have built-in primary cyclonic separation located ahead of the final bag or cartridge filters. Properly engineered layouts

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  • B

    Portable Vacuum - Sanding, Grinding & Housekeeping

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  • C

    Cartridge Dust Collectors

    A complete range of high volume fume extraction systems for welding and dust extraction systems for saws, routers, grinders, sanders and planers.

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  • D

    Downdraft Tables (Dry)

    Eurovac’s line of Downdraft tables,Downdraft Sanding Tables & Down Draft Benches offer a “Hands Free Method of Capture at Source” of Fumes and Dust. Tables are available with working surfaces from 2 1/2’ x 2 1/2’ to 4’ x 8’, and are available with automatic self cleaning filters. Typical applications include welding smoke, metal grinding and deburring, dust collection from plastics, composite and wood materials, odor control from gluing and painting, plasma cutting, batching & weighing, soldering, as well as finishing processes (i.e. buffing and polishing). All tables comply with local and federal clean air requirements.

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Composite Dust Extraction Products

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