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High Volume Fume Extraction

Eurovac offers the most complete range of fume extraction solutions on the market today. With the help of a trained Eurovac representative, we will specify the proper fume arm system solution for your application. The following fume arm system options are available to you:

• Table or wall mounted fume arms with diameters available in 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ and lengths ranging from 3′ to 14′.
• Stainless steel arms are available for specialty applications
• Single and double extension pivot booms are available which can add additional hinge points as well as added lengths of up to 20′
• To compliment our extraction arms, Eurovac offers a complete range of central or portable high volume fume and dust collectors.

You do not need to breath in harmful welding fumes any longer, as Eurovac has a solution for every customer need. Whether you require one arm connected to a portable unit, or twenty arms connected to a large central fume collector, Eurovac will ensure you get the right system at the right price.

High Vacuum Source Capture Fume Extraction

Eurovac pioneered Central Vacuum Systems for use with source capture tools more than two decades ago. Since then we have installed thousands of systems throughout North America.

We offer a complete line of high vacuum dust and fume extraction systems, ranging from an economical 5HP 2-Man Portable to 75HP Central Systems capable of handling up to 35 technicians using welding guns at the same time.

Capture Dangerous Welding Fumes before they enter the welder’s breathing zone.

Ideal for MIG Welding, tig, arc and robotic welding.

No Lost Production Time moving large fume extraction arms every time the welder changes position.

Eliminate the Need for a Costly Air Makeup System because source capture welding guns and welding attachments require only 80CFM (or less) each.

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    Portable Extractors

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    The Eurovac B & C series fans are industrial backward incline. The B series fans are used for smaller applications which do not require such high levels of CFM and static pressure. The C series has a larger range of HP”s which can meet the needs of higher pressures and CFMs required. APPLICATIONS: Vehicle exhaust extraction, welding fume extraction, general fume extraction, dust collection, conveying and cooling.

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    Fume Arms

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    Portable Vacuum - Welding Systems

    Eurovac offers the most complete range of fume extraction solutions on the market today. With the help of a trained Eurovac representative, we will specify the proper fume arm system solution for your application.

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    Central Vacuum Systems (Welding)

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    Cartridge Dust Collectors

    Unlike many equipment manufacturers who are limited to only one or two types of dust collectors, Eurovac offers a wide variety of systems ranging from highly efficient vertical cartridges arrangement to integrated cyclonic separators when large amounts of dust are present in the air stream. The fully automated control panels ensure that minimal maintenance will be required. If no toxic fumes are generated in the process, it is possible to recycle clean air back in the facility. Depending on the nature of the dust or smoke, Eurovac will select certified high efficiency pleated filters or bags. The vessel robust steel construction may be equipped with NFPA safety features such as explosion vents or suppression devices. Our engineering staff will recommend energy conscious owners and plant managers the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) if not all work stations are required to operate simultaneously.

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    Downdraft Tables (Dry)

    Eurovac’s line of Downdraft tables,Downdraft Sanding Tables & Down Draft Benches offer a “Hands Free Method of Capture at Source” of Fumes and Dust. Tables are available with working surfaces from 2 1/2’ x 2 1/2’ to 4’ x 8’, and are available with automatic self cleaning filters. Typical applications include welding smoke, metal grinding and deburring, dust collection from plastics, composite and wood materials, odor control from gluing and painting, plasma cutting, batching & weighing, soldering, as well as finishing processes (i.e. buffing and polishing). All tables comply with local and federal clean air requirements.

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