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Eurovac vacuum arches, canopies and stanchions painted to you specific site colors will be sure to draw attention to your carwash and increase customer traffic.  Once on site, your customers will enjoy the vacuum experience with hose drops right at each car door and a high performing Eurovac industrial vacuum system that picks up particulate fast and on the first cleaning tool pass.  To enhance yours customers experience even further, you can choose to include options such as mat racks, garbage cans, towel storage shelves, compressed air and chemical dispensing.

Eurovac will help you choose the right vacuum system for your site and ensure the process runs smoothly as our experienced staff will assist with layout design, material take-off (right down to the required nut/bolt) and installation/commissioning.

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    Stand Alone Vacuum Systems (Carwash/Detail)

    Eurovac stands about the rest when it comes to individual vacuum systems. Systems are designed to withstand the most rigorous vehicle interior vacuum operations and come with a wide variety of system options to ensure your vacuum needs are just right for your site. Stand alone vacuums can be supplied in stainless steel or with a specific powder coat finish to tie into your sites overall look.

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    Central Vacuum Systems (Carwash/Detail)

    We're the central vacuum specialists with products for every need and budget. Superior product designed to run all day, every day with minimal maintenance requirements. Superior filtration, all Eurovac systems have built-in primary cyclonic separation located ahead of the final bag or cartridge filters. Properly engineered layouts

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    Eurovac will work with you to design the arch system that best suits your needs, and is sure to attract customer attention to your site. The customer experience will be a pleasant one with superior vacuum performance waiting for their use right beside each car door.

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    Our strong, durable fabric is a low maintenance protection from the elements.  We offer 20 rich, vibrant and on-trend colors to fulfil a wide range of preferences.  This is the most expansive color assortment in the HDPE shade fabric market.

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    Stanchions are very functional, cost effective and are often beneficial for under fixed top canopies. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the accessories needed to make your customers vacuum experience a positive one.

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    Detail - Drops, Pipe & Fittings

    Eurovac systems are designed for convenient use with vacuum drops positioned on each side of a vehicle in the detail bays. Systems will be designed with 2” piping at the drops and graduating up to 8” (depending on system size) back at the central equipment which delivers a typical air speed of 4,500 feet per minute. Both PVC and metal pipe is available. When water is not a factor, we recommend metal pipe because of the longer radius bends, which maximize performance and minimize clogging.

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    Central Chemical Dispensing Systems

    Eurovac Central Chemical Dispensing Systems automatically mix cleaning chemicals to their proper ratios and pump them out to conveniently placed drops. Systems can be designed for a wide variety and number of different chemicals such as engine cleaner, degreaser, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, tire dressing and extractor shampoo (heated). Avoid technicians trying to be chemists as the Central Chemical Dispensing System will ensure a consistent detail every time. Your shop will experience increased productivity and reduced technician error with properly mixed and identified cleaning chemicals, ready for use at each Detail Pendant Drop. Drops are strategically located between each detail bay, positioned conveniently close to the car door. Detail Pendant Drops can be designed for up to 8 chemicals as well as including options such as compressed air and vacuum.

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    Pressure Washer

    Eurovac pressure washer equipment has been designed for the most demanding applications and can be counted on to deliver a quality high pressure wash day in and day out. Eurovac offers a complete line of Pressure Washer products to ensure all your washing needs are met, from the pressure washers in the back room on out to the booms, guns and holders within the working bays. Eurovac will help with the system design including an engineered layout to make sure your system is set up properly for your application .

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