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Transit Cleaning & Dust/Fume Extraction

For many years Eurovac has been a leader in transit vehicle interior cleaning and dust/fume extraction systems serving the needs of major transit operations throughout North America. We have a full range of products to satisfy virtually every application and budget.

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    Central Vacuum Systems (Transit)

    Vacuum Pumps Eurovac has a full range of regenerative and centrifugal multi-stage pumps from the 10HP pump (shown overleaf) to the 75HP systems. These heavy duty pumps are designed to run all day, every day, with very little maintenance. Reduced Operating Costs Clean vehicles faster with our high powered systems designed to maximize efficiency and convenience. A Eurovac high vacuum, low volume system can be easily and inexpensively filtered, and has overall low maintenance costs. In northern climates the filtered air can be returned into the building, eliminating the need for very expensive air make-up systems. Safer Working Environment Return air is completely filtered and no airborne dust is created. Workers do not have to handle contaminated materials. Quality construction ensures quiet operation.

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    Bellow Bus Cleaning

    How the System Works The bus travels through the lane and stops with the front door positioned at the bellows. Both the front and rear doors of the bus are opened. The driver pushes the start button located on the front of the bellows, which then extends into position at the bus door. The blower damper is opened, an atomizing mist is activated and a strong airflow is pulled by a 50HP blower through the cyclone duct, bellows and bus. The driver takes the airgun and hose to the rear of the bus and begins to blow deodorized air onto the floor and seats, getting dust and debris airborne. The dust and debris is then pulled through the bus by the airflow, into the bellows through the duct and into the cyclone separator. The dust and debris is then separated from the air stream and deposited into a trash receptacle. When the bus is clean the driver pushes the stop button; the bellows retracts and the damper closes.

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    Central Chemical Dispensing Systems

    Eurovac Central Chemical Dispensing Systems automatically mix cleaning chemicals to their proper ratios and pump them out to conveniently placed drops. Systems can be designed for a wide variety and number of different chemicals such as engine cleaner, degreaser, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, tire dressing and extractor shampoo (heated). Avoid technicians trying to be chemists as the Central Chemical Dispensing System will ensure a consistent detail every time. Your shop will experience increased productivity and reduced technician error with properly mixed and identified cleaning chemicals, ready for use at each Detail Pendant Drop. Drops are strategically located between each detail bay, positioned conveniently close to the car door. Detail Pendant Drops can be designed for up to 8 chemicals as well as including options such as compressed air and vacuum.

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    Pressure Washer

    Eurovac pressure washer equipment has been designed for the most demanding applications and can be counted on to deliver a quality high pressure wash day in and day out. Eurovac offers a complete line of Pressure Washer products to ensure all your washing needs are met, from the pressure washers in the back room on out to the booms, guns and holders within the working bays. Eurovac will help with the system design including an engineered layout to make sure your system is set up properly for your application .

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    Portable Vacuum Systems

    For over 30 years, Eurovac systems have ensured the safety of technicians by effectively and efficiently capturing harmful dusts and fumes. Eurovac continues to create superior systems designed to capture of both the traditional and innovative materials used in automotive/industrial manufacturing to ensure a safe and efficient facility.

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    Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

    Eurovac offers a complete line of vehicle exhaust products for every budget and need, ranging from economical hose drop systems to more user friendly and impressive system options such as spring return hose reels, motorized hose reels and sliding suction rails. However; Eurovac offers much more than just vehicle exhaust drops, reels or rails, we offer complete system solutions. Eurovac will properly engineer, install and commission the entire system for you from the drops, reels or rails to the ducting and right back to the exhaust fan.

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    Fume Arms & Portable Extractors

    Eurovac's self-locking arms provide the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. Contaminants are removed at their source. The use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses and smooth bore tubing allow for easy placement of the arm’s hood near the source of a problem.

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    Downdraft Tables (Wet & Dry)

    Our line of downdraft tables offer a hands-free method of capturing and removing dangerous dust and fumes from the technician’s workspace right at the source. Ideal for applications such as: • Welding processes • Sanding and buffing • Batching • Powder and light dusts • Light smoke

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Transit Cleaning & Dust/Fume Extraction Products

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