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Variable Speed Drives (VFD)

VFD Control Panels – (VFD – Variable Frequency Drive)

By adding a Variable Frequency Drive to high vacuum centrifugal blowers and high volume backward incline fans, you will now automatically adjust your motor speed on user demand.

There are many benefits to adding a VFD:

  • Significantly reduced electric bills through reduced energy consumption
  • Wear and tear on bearings, couplings and motor are reduced significantly by running at lower loads and RPM’s resulting in extended blower life, less maintenance cost and downtime
  • Helping to do your part to save our environment
  • Further savings available from rebates offered by most energy suppliers
  • Controlled ramp up speed so there are no “power spikes” resulting in more energy savings
  • Balanced, accurate vacuum performance tailored specifically to the application
  • Optional direct by-pass contact
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