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Spring Recoil Hose Reels

Part #: SYS-VEH-SRR0000


Eurovac’s Exhaust Hose Reels are designed for the extraction of car and truck exhaust gases at the tailpipe which are emitted inside buildings They are designed for facilities such as vehicle service garages and vehicle storage garages as well as hard to reach ares for many other types of fumes and gases.

A flexible hose mounted on the reel allows for extraction of gas-air mixture with max. temperature 150C. The Eurovac hose reel is made from steel components which are galvanized or painted.

The spring mechanism housed on one of the sheaves allows easy manual unrolling and automatic retraction of the flexible hose. The hose may be placed in almost any position by means of a ratchet locking device mounted on the Spring Cassette.

The reel is constructed to operate with the Sliding Exhaust rail. Flexible hoses in diameters 4″ (100mm), 5″ (125mm) and 6″ (160mm) and varying lengths (see table below) may be installed. The inlet end of the flexible hose can be equipped with different types of nozzles which adapt to the tailpipe. The outlet of the reel is designed to connect flexible hose or spiral duct with a diameter of 6″. A fan may also be directly mounted to the reel.

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